Honors Program

Research. Service. Leadership.

From alternative break trips, to weekly programing, to organizing an all-campus coat drive -- our students are dedicating their time, energy and talents to serve others locally and abroad.

Community Engagement

Dedicated to holistic education, Honors sees community engagement as an essential element of student growth and development. As one of the pillars of the Honors Program, service to our communities helps students develop transferable skills as well as deepening their awareness of the wider world around them.

Service-Learning Classes

Honors service-learning classes give students an opportunity to connect their classroom learning to the lives and organizations of the surrounding community. Students in a service-learning section of Honors English write grants for local non-profits, and students in a course on social justice serve meals at an area shelter and conduct historical research for a Native American organization.

Leadership through Mentoring

Each fall, the Honors Leadership through Mentoring program teams our upperclassmen with our incoming first-year students for a mentoring experience that revolves around service. Mentors and mentees develop lasting relationships by making meaningful contributions to the lives of others together.

Community Outreach Opportunities

BW’s Office of Community Outreach offers a wide variety of opportunities to get involved in service, some of which can generate Honors credit hours or can be financially supported by Honors. Honors students attend alternative break programs, traveling around the country to serve over university breaks. Project Affinity is a summer service program that counts as an Honors experience by placing students in non-profit internships.


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