Honors Program

Research. Service. Leadership.

Business Honors Track

With a focus on sustainability, ethical business practices, and leadership development, the Business Honors Track allows Honors students to complete courses in their Business major at the same time as they are building Honors credits.

A Seamless Curriculum

The BW School of Business offers students the opportunity to take Honors courses within the school, starting with elective courses and culminating in a senior year two-course sequence (BUS 461H and BUS 462H).  Non-Honors Program students are eligible for these courses also if they have a 3.5 GPA or above.  

Elective Honors BUS courses will vary in topic and credit hour and can be taken by any Honors Program student, with or without a major or minor in Business. 
The senior sequence of BUS 461H and 462H consists of a yearlong consulting project where students work with a business partner and consult on a real topic as desired by the business partner.  This is a rigorous, unscripted, hands-on project that will vary from year to year in its exact content.  Students are only eligible for the sequence if they have completed the requirements for a major or minor in an area of Business. Successful completion of BUS 461H and BUS 462H will fulfill the Honors Program thesis/senior project requirement.


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