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Honors Program
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Kristina DeGirolamo '16 (2nd from left) is passionate about the nonprofit world. Learn about her advancement (fundraising) internship through the Cleveland Foundation for the Stepstone Academy, a charter school associated with Ohio Guidestone. Kristina and 17 other Cleveland Foundation interns visited Cleveland City Hall and met with Mayor Frank Jackson.

Aspiring OB/GYN physician Sarah Cunningham '16, united her passion for women’s health issues with research relating to her public health major. With partial funding from BW Honors Program, she traveled to Uganda to conduct field research – an opportunity she described as a dream come true.

The Honors Program at Baldwin Wallace helps motivated and talented students make the most of their college experience by joining a community of scholars dedicated to academic excellence, leadership development, and community engagement.

The Liberal Arts - Redefined

Interdisciplinary and experiential, the Honors Program offers unique courses and an enhanced Core Curriculum that blend the theoretical and the practical.  Encouraging academic exploration and independent thinking, the Honors Program can augment any program of study and expand the opportunities available to students.

A Path of Leadership

From a student’s first experiences at the Honors Retreat to acting as a mentor to other Honors students to planning University-wide events, the Honors Program offers countless opportunities for students to grow and be challenged as campus leaders.  Developing the skills and self-awareness necessary for leadership is one of the central commitments of the program.

Engaging the Whole Student

More than just an academic course of study, the Honors Program strives to develop the whole student.  We work to build lasting relationships among students and between students, faculty, and staff.  Committed to giving back to our community, the program encourages students to make use of their talents through service opportunities like tutoring refugees in English, organizing a campus coat-drive, and working with local non-profit organizations.  








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