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Dr. Karen Barahona

Assistant Professor of Spanish


Phone Number: 440-826-5926  

Full-Time Faculty in Spanish

Dr. Karen J. Barahona  

Curriculum Vitae 

Dr. Barahona earned her Ph.D. in Hispanic Studies from the University of Georgia. She is Assistant Professor of Spanish at Baldwin Wallace University, where she teaches language, culture, and literature courses to beginner through advanced students. Leveraging technology and technology-mediated instruction, she uses innovative and engaging teaching strategies to encourage language acquisition and foster cross-cultural appreciation. She coordinates the BW’s Spanish Beginner’s Program and serves as an undergraduate student advisor. Additionally, she contributes actively to the international mission of the University by serving on the Committee of Diversity Affairs, Integration, and Inclusion, the World Series Music Committee, the Latin American Studies Minor Advisory Council and the Service Learning Advisory Council. She is passionate about her students’ success, as well as the mission of this private, liberal arts, and church-affiliated institution.

Since 1990, Dr. Barahona has taught Spanish and English to a wide range of students, from high school and college age to adult learners. Her teaching experience include positions at the American School in Honduras, the University of Honduras, Baldwin Wallace University and the University of Georgia where she received the Outstanding Teaching Award, Romance Languages, in 2010.

Her research interest is contemporary Latin American literature and culture with a focus on 20th-21st centuries narrative. Her primary specialization includes studies of gender, race, and sexuality in contemporary Latin American women’s fiction. She proposes that, due to revolutionary and political events in the Americas, women had to redefine their search for equality from national and personal perspectives. In the broadest of terms, her research represents an inquiry into cultural, political, and social processes in Latin America in the 20th-21st centuries.

Additionally, Dr. Barahona has studied the relationship between the political revolutions in Central America and the Southern Cone context. Her research analyzes the testimonial discourse that responded to the process of women’s emancipation in the revolution and political processes. To explain the efforts of testimonial literature toward building a national and individual identity, she focuses her research on theories of testimonial discourse, the representation of the Other, the search of the mother, the indigenous representation, and the decolonization in Third World Literature.

Recently, she published a preface in the book Crisis by Jorge Majfud released Fall 2012 and a section of her dissertation in the peer review journal Hispamerica in Fall 2014. Currently, she is working on her book, “Political Disillusion and Association to National Liberation Fronts: Gender, Subjectivity, and Political Identity in the Americas,” as a comparative study of gender, subjectivity, and political identity in testimonials in the Americas.


  • Elementary Spanish: SPN 101
  • Elementary Spanish: SPN 102
  • Intermediate Spanish: SPN 201
  • Intermediate Spanish: SPN 202
  • Spanish Translation: SPN 250
  • Spanish Civilization: SPN 310
  • Spanish-American Civilizations: SPN 311
  • Advanced Conversation and Composition: SPN 335
  • Survey of Spanish Literature SPN 375
  • Survey of Spanish-American Literature: SPN 376
  • Core Curriculum: LAS 200
  • Honors Thesis: 491
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