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Experiential Learning - The BW Experience

Do you think of college as just sitting in an auditorium with 200 other students and being lectured to?  Have you wondered what you will say in interviews when prospective employers ask, "Have you had any practical experience?"

The BW experience is for people who realize that part of learning includes doing.  It's about that dimension of learning that comes from listening and observing not just in a classroom, but while you're also gaining real-world experience.

Carmel Living/Learning Center

The CLLC offers a collaborative living AND learning environment.  Students with similar academic goals and interests live together in "communities" within the Center, which provides increased student-faculty interaction.  Activities and assignments support and enhance traditional learning methods.

Explorations/Study Abroad

While traveling throughout the world, students earn BW credit for courses, independent study projects, and/or field experiences.

Internship Program

Baldwin Wallace University offers an active, well-established internship program. Students successfully complete approximately 400 internships for credit each academic year in large and small businesses, non-profit and government agencies. Some majors require participation in the internship program, but most students choose to participate voluntarily.

Research Opportunities

Our faculty understand the importance of real world experience and mentor students by including them in research projects and business activities.  Your professor might take you along to present collaborative research at a professional conference, or perhaps you'll be part of a team advising local businesses as part of the Business Plan Clinic.    You'll build skills and your resume at the same time.

The Faculty-Student Collaborative Scholarship Program encourages students to work with faculty outside classroom settings as they tackle the unscripted problems typical of research, scholarship and other creative endeavors.


Service-learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities.  The Office of Community Outreach coordinates multiple service-learning opportunities that engage students in their own education and foster lifelong connections between students, their communities, and the world outside the classroom.

Language Across the Curriculum

Baldwin Wallace University offers two kinds of opportunities for students to apply their foreign language skills in courses across the curriculum.  The first involves enrolling in specially designated LAC-option courses.  These are regular courses where students have the option of doing part of their course work in a foreign language.  The second opportunity is the special one-credit Language and Culture Connections course, available in Spanish, French, and German, in which you can practice the intercultural skills that you learn in LAS 150.

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