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English Department News and Announcements

Announcements (updated July 28, 2012):

Three of the fifteen BW Summer Scholars for 2012 were English majors:

Matthew Gesicki '14, of Parma, English major
Research Topic: In the Church of the Earth: A Poetic Dialogue with Pablo Neruda
Project Summary: Unravel the text of each sonnet in Pablo Neruda's One Hundred Love Sonnets to rebuild Neruda's themes, but in different form, using his own metaphors and emphases. The writing of the lyrical essays would be informed by reading major works by Neruda to gain insight into his life and work and researching specific themes from his work.
Collaborating faculty: Dr. Sharon Kubasak

Brooke Hamilton '13, of Cleveland, English & Philosophy major
Research Topic: Legal Theories of Interpretation through the Literary Lens
Project Summary: Explore the various issues and advantages of the Law and Literature movement and whether it is appropriate to apply literary theory to the field of law.
Collaborating faculty: Dr. Michael Dolzani

Rebecca Shisler '14, of Stow, English & Sociology major
Research Topic: Gender in Adolescent Literature
Project Summary: Examine each winner of Printz Award, given to an exceptional adolescent novel each year, to see how each one portrays gender and also examine any shift of portrayal that has occurred over the years.
Collaborating faculty: Dr. Denise Kohn

The Summer Scholars program, now in its ninth year, enables students to pursue a research or creative project of their design under the supervision of a faculty mentor. They live as a community through the summer and regularly share their varied research projects with each other, with the faculty mentors, and with other students and faculty involved in summer research.

The program, led by Associate Academic Dean Janet Stocks, is made possible with the generous support of the George Codrington Foundation.





Please pick up a free copy of The 2012 Mill in the English Department office (Marting 212). 










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