Student Spotlight

Double major Daniela Muhaj is building an impressive resume through research opportunities focused on economics.

Student Outcomes

Economics - one of Top 10 Paying College Majors - Education Insider (March 2011)

Median starting salary: $48,800
Median mid-career salary: $97,800

Graduates in economics find work in the private sector: banking/ Federal Reserve, finance, insurance, management and research; the public sector: diplomatic service, political office, local-state-national agencies and international organizations as well as the non-profit sector.  A master's or doctoral degree is typically required to perform higher-level economic analysis in these fields or for some government agencies.  Some of our graduating students go on to complete graduate programs in economics (Masters or Ph.D.), or in public policy (M.A.), or M.B.A. programs and law schools.

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Got questions?  Get answers!  Economics for College Students prepared by the American Economic Association (A.E.A.).  Or check out the Institute for New Economic Thinking.

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