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The Economics Blog lives under the auspices of the Department of Economics whose mission has been to hold high the lantern beaming an "economic way of thinking" onto the world. Selfishness, rationality and equilibrium have been central to the teaching of an economic way of thinking rooted in the Renaissance. And, in this regard, the department has faithfully stayed the course. The intent of this blog, thinking out loud..., however, is to entertain exchanges which may challenge the centrality of economics as we teach it.


Dr. Lewis C. Sage


Dr. Lewis (AB Kenyon, Ph.D. U. Maryland) likes intersections. Since 1991, he has taught Law and Economics, Mathematical Economics, and the Economics of Healthcare. A former Fulbright Fellow (Bulgaria 1995-6), he teaches an interdisciplinary Honors seminar, Enduring Questions, and is studying strategy in the NFL draft with faculty and students in Sport Management and Psychology.


Kay E. Strong, Ph.D.


Southern Illinois University, M.T., University of Houston, M.A., Ohio University; Associate Professor at Baldwin Wallace University; Areas of expertise: international economics, contemporary social-economic issues, complexity and futures-based perspectives in economics.


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