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Faculty Interest Groups (FIGS) - Center for Transformational Learning

What Is A FIG?

A FIG is a faculty interest group of 5-30 people with a mutual interest in a particular aspect of teaching and learning.  Intended to foster scholarly teaching and scholarship about teaching, FIGs are open to all instructors, full or part-time, and to staff with a particular interest in the topic.

FIG members (known as FIGgers) come together to share best practices, do research about their topic, support each other in practicing their methodology, assess the effect of the method upon student learning, and product scholarship about the method.

The CTL supports the FIGs with refreshments and organizational help (finding meeting rooms, etc).

Meetings are scheduled and the agenda set by the members themselves.  Each FIG has a coordinator who takes responsibility for maintaining the group and working with the CTL on logistics.

FIGs come and go depending upon the interests of the faculty.

We currently offer FIGs in the following areas:

  • Undergraduate Research
  • Science, Teaching, Engineering and Math (S.T.E.M.)
  • Formative Assessment Techniques
  • Diversity
  • Off-Campus Programs


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