Computer Science



Computer Science Major
The Department offers a major in Computer Science. See catalog for details.  It prepares graduates to enter positions as software specialists in industry or commerce, or to enter graduate programs in computer science, operations research, computers in management, or other related fields.
Computer Science Minor
The Department offers a minor in Computer Science. See catalog for details.
Digital Media and Design Major
Combining coursework from the Departments of Communication Arts and Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Science, and Studio Art, the Department offers an interdisciplinary major in Digital Media and Design. See catalog for details. This major provides the artistic, communication, computing, and problem solving skills needed by those interested in graphic design and interactive media. All students pursuing this major  take a set of foundation courses in art, communications and computer science.  In addition, they must choose one of two possible areas of concentration:
  • Interactive Media track provides additional theory and experience in art and computing that will enable its majors to develop more technically complex Web sites. 
  • Visual Media track adds theory and technical skills in mass communication and film production.
5-Yr. BS/MBA Program
A 5-Yr. BS/MBA Program that combines a Computer Information Systems major with a minor in Business Administration and a Masters of Business Administration degree is available. This program is designed to prepare graduates for positions in computer and information systems management that require a strong technical background, good communication skills, and an in-depth understanding of the business world.
Student Organizations
Several student groups are active within the Department.
  • ACM Student Chapter -- This computer club sponsors the Annual Baldwin Wallace High School Programming Competition each April, hosts speakers, and organizes several social events, including a LAN party, an annual end-of-year picnic, etc.
  • Net SIG -- This group of students interested in network issues meets regularly with a faculty member to discuss issues and take on special projects related to computer networks. They will be competing in an off-campus security competition Spring term.
  • BW Programming Team -- Student teams compete in several intercollegiate programming contests each year.
  • UPE National Computer Science Honorary -- Each Spring, the Department recognizes junior and senior majors who have excelled in their computer studies through invitation to this national honorary.

Program Mission

The mission of the Computer Science programs at Baldwin Wallace University is to expose students to existing technologies, challenge them to develop the ability to adapt to changes in those technologies as they occur, and to integrate new technologies that become available. The common core of all the programs in the Computer Science Department is a body of foundational knowledge that includes fundamental skills such as programming and problem solving, as well as exposure to the mathematics, computer architecture, paradigms, and theory that underlie the computing discipline.  It is our belief that mastery of these aspects of computer science provides a student with an understanding of the discipline that transcends any individual course or program and acts as a framework that supports additional learning in any of the more specialized areas within computer science.

The Computer Science program complements the mission of the University in two primary areas.  The rapid advancement of technology and its importance in today's society both nationally and internationally enable us to play a critical role in the development of "contributing, compassionate citizens of an increasingly global society."   Furthermore, the dedicated faculty of the department exemplifies "excellence in teaching and learning" while maintaining a "challenging and supportive environment" in which learning can occur.

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