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Roadmap to Project Management Leadership

April 17, 24, May 1, 2015
Instructor: Lynda Carter
 am - 4 pm: $1,599; Baldwin Wallace, Berea

Some would say project leadership is more of an art than a science. Others would say that great program and project leadership is an innate attribute, and can only be learned through years of experience. 
There are predictable challenges that every program manager faces as they transition to increased program management responsibilities and organizational exposure. Leaders have handled each roadblock differently; however, if equipped with awareness, knowledge, and strategies you could dodge some of the derailing situations that have impacted great project leaders before you. 
This course brings both the art and science together using self-assessment data from PRADCO's Emotional Intelligence/Leadership Indexes with practical tools and experiences from successful project leaders. 
The curriculum focuses on four of the most common success factors for project leaders: emotional self-awareness, cultural adaption and assessment, strategic agility, and change leadership. 
Program Materials & Assignments:
Participants will be asked to complete the PRADCO Emotional Intelligence/Leadership Indexes by February 1, 2013. Additional readings and homework will be assigned throughout the program.
Learning Objectives: 
  • Discover benefits and strategies for developing a strong professional network
  • Apply techniques that can quickly assess organizational culture and decision-making processes
  • Evaluate projects to ensure strategic alignment
  • Adapt personal styles to accommodate different strategies and structures
  • Assess organizational readiness for implementing change
  • Build trust and define your sphere of influence
  • Create your leadership roadmap for advancement

Target Audience: Designed for experienced project and program managers who are responsible for the delivery of projects that cross-functions within the organization.

Course Outline:

Personal Leadership Roadmap

  • Traditional Management vs. Project Management Leadership
  • PRADCO Emotional Intelligence/Leadership Index Results & interpretation
  • Building Your Leadership Roadmap
  • Personal Branding: Facilitated Table Discussions

Organizational Culture

  • Guest speaker: From the eyes of a consultant: How to quickly assess a culture
  • Defining Organizational Awareness
  • Aligning culture and leadership styles
  • RAPID Decision making Model

Strategy Alignment, Situational Structure, and Driving Results3 Drivers for building strategic agility

  • Components that lead to strategic alignment
  • Stopping non-aligned efforts
  • Matching style to structure & strategy - the STARs model
  • Case scenarios and assessment creation

Leading & Managing Change, Building Trust & Influencing Others

  • Guest Speaker: C-level, challenges and success when influencing and driving change
  • Defining your sphere of influence (executive, project, teams, peers)
  • What builds/disrupts trust
  • Assessing organizational readiness for change
  • Best Practices & research on change management
  • Linkage to stakeholder management plan
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