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Project Portfolio Management

May 27, 2015

September 30, 2015
9 am - 4 pm; 6 PDU; $429; Baldwin Wallace, Berea

Instructor: Pete Evangelista

Successfully managing projects takes a precarious blend and balance of structure and socio-cultural skills. Managing a portfolio of projects is that same blend times 10! Projects are an organization’s means to executing the corporate strategy. Yet, the Project Management Office (PMO) is often misunderstood and sometimes misdirected. 

This one-day class will look at practical methods for selecting and managing a portfolio of projects. Individuals will focus on activities that add value to meeting the organization’s missions and how to avoid falling into the common PMO traps of “paper-pushing bureaucrat,” “road-blocking gatekeeper,” “project cop,” or “sideline observer.” In addition to discussing best practices as a class and in small groups, hands-on exercises will provide reinforcement of each concept’s application.
Learning Objectives:
  • Apply project selection techniques to current business scenarios
  • Use the ABCDE’s of communication in the reporting status process
  • Identify best practices in project management talent development

Target Audience: This class is for people who are responsible for multiple projects (i.e. the Project Management Office), or senior level managers who have not yet formed a PMO, but are exploring its value and purpose within an organization.

Course Outline: 

Introductions and Set-up
The Value of the PMO – Coach, Cop, or Journalist Reporter?
Defining the Project Portfolio
  • Project selection for investment
  • Balancing risk
  • Balancing resources
Selection Exercise
Scaling and Grouping: Program vs Project vs Workstream?
Scaling Exercise
Monitoring and Controlling
  • Balancing the need to manage risk with micro-managing
  • Interfacing with Internal Audit, Corporate Quality and other nosey people
Reporting Status – Progress/Risks/Issues
  • Applying the ABCDE’s of communication
Status Reporting Exercise
Developing Project Managers
  • Recruitment
  • Growing the PM
  • Retention
  • Resources for further help


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