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Presentations for Professionals

Date to be announced
9 am - 4 pm; 6 PDU

Instructor: Mark Caccavale

This hands-on course introduces best practices that will help you deliver customer-focused and streamlined presentations that will move your audience to action. The workshop focuses on a few key foundational elements to help you better prepare and deliver great presentations.

Core elements of effective presentations are introduced to the class and participants will immediately apply it to a presentation. There are several practice sessions, culminating in a recorded presentation provided to the participant at the end of the workshop.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Practice in a lab like environment to "test" new skills and stretch presentation limits 
  • Provide a practical approach to organizing and delivering a more effective presentation 
  • Obtain immediate feedback on presentation skills to inspire new approaches
  • Learn the "traps" presentations and presenters fall into and identify strategies to stay on track

Target Audience: Professionals at every level of an organization can benefit from the workshop, mid level managers and below would be more of the target audience and may get the most out of the workshop. 

Course Outline: 

Introduction / Objectives

Everyone's got a story, right? 

  • Stats about presentations
  • Examples of good stories

Idea generation

  • No idea is a bad one
  • As many as possible
  • Activity - Generate ideas to include in your presentation 
  • Group like ideas together
  • Which order should they be placed in - Which are most important to audience?
  • WIIFM - What's In It For Them
  • How many main ideas are there? Telephone number / SS Number
  • Activity - Work on their presentation and apply discussion points

"Picture is worth many many words"

  • How do we bring these ideas to life someday?.
  • Pictures, Data, Quotes, Video, Audio, Props, Demos? 
  • Activity - Think through what they may want to include in future

 Where do I start? I hate long goodbyes

  • Let's start at the end?
  • First Impressions
  • Activity - Build Your Opening and your Closing

Let's start making Soup!!!

  • PowerPoint Best Practices
  • Slide sequence
  • Too Much SOUP!!

Presentation Tips

  • UR, UM, AH!!!
  • Your voice
  • Presence


  • Presentation Practice
  • Presentations
  • Feedback


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