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Professional Activities

Every summer I spend two wonderful weeks teaching at the Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival  . People from all over Alaska and the "lower forty-eight" come to participate in a number of programs ranging from story-telling and the healings arts to orchestra and opera/music theater.  Our hosts in Alaska and the colleagues with whom I work make these two weeks a highlight of my year.


Photo 1:  Denali National Park
is only two hours away

Photo 2:  My good friend Louise Urban is the Coordinator of the Opera/Music Theater programis the Coordinator of the Opera/Music Theater program

Photo 3: Cindy Oxberry is
the stage director for the
two-hour scenes program

Photo 4: Patrick O'Donnell played piano for the "Peal Fisher's Duet" performed by Dominic Cossa (baritone) and myself

Photo 5:  St. Basil's
Cathedral, Moscow

I spent three weeks of my sabbatical leave in Russia.  The first two weeks I studied Russian at the Liden and Denz Language program in St. Petersburg.  The next week I went to Moscow, where I was part of a group of extremely talented musicians, lead by Ovidiu Marinescu, who made a recording of Samuel Barber's music to commemorate the centennial of his birth. 

Photo 6:  Rehearsal at the Moscow Conservatory of Music with Randall Scarlata (baritone), Emily Bullock (soprano), and Kathleen Flynn (mezzo-soprano).

Photo 7: The recording
session in Moscow

Photo 8:  The old city of Jerusalem

Jan Radzynski's Shirat Ma'yan is for mezzo-soprano, tenor and orchestra.  I was tenor soloist in its premiere with the Jerusalem Symphony During my week's stay in Israel I traveled to the Dead Sea, Masada, Tel Aviv and Ceasarea.                                                                

Photo 9:  Rehearsal with Rosemarie
Danziger seated to my right

Photo 10:  With Maestro Leon Botstein

Photo 11:  Advertisement for the 
Franz Schubert Institut recitals

 The Franz Schubert Institut promotes the study and performance of the German Romantic Lied for the purpose of furthering and cultivating the art of the German Lied for the benefit of singers, pianists, and teachers who have a professional interest in the German Lied.  It is a five-week summer course of intensive study with leading interpreters of the classical Lied repertoire. The high artistic standards and unique structure of the course 'Poetry and Performance of the German Lied', together with its peerless guest faculty, explain why this master course is
widely regarded as the finest of its kind.

Photo 12:  Vienna

The International Donizetti Festival took place during 1997-1998 in Bergamo and Milan, Italy, to commemorate the bicentennial of the great composer's birth.  Scholars and performers from across the globe were invited to Italy to make presentations and perform in celebratory performances.  I presented a lecture-recital entitled "Donizetti's Influence Abroad:  The Russian bel canto" which included the history of Italian music in Russia and performances of various arias and songs that reflect the bel canto style. 

Photo 13:  A voice student of mine, Erika Goodman, was studying abroad in Milan during the International Donizetti Festival and was able to attend one of my presentations

Photo 14:  Picturesque Bergamo
was the other site of the
International Donizetti Festival

Photo 15:  The group of NATS Interns at the closing concert

 Many teachers participate in the NATS Intern Program Younger members of NATS are paired with experienced and recognized master teachers to promote the dynamic exchange of ideas and techniques in voice teaching.

Photo 16:  Soprano Barbara Honn,
of the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music was one of the master teachers

Photo 17:  Paula Homer is Director of Opera at University of North Texas and conducts a number of singin/acting workshops;  she was also the founder and artistic director of OperaWorks and was co-director of the Des Moines Metro Opera Apprentice-Artists Program.

 The Apprentice Program at Des Moines Metro Opera is a valuable training experience.  It includes extended scene programs, small roles in the mainstage productions and the opportunity to work with amazing directors and coaches, including Robert Larsen!  The expectations are high, but it is worth the work.

 I have performed the role of Don Ottavio in two productions of Don Giovanni;  the first being with Lyric Opera Cleveland and the second with the Illinois Summer Music Festival.                                   


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