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Triple Threat Music Theatre Program

Director and Acting Instructor:  Lisa Ortenzi
Movement Instructor:  Carli Taylor Miluk
Voice Instructor: Joel McDaniel

Triple Threat Music Theatre Program
Saturday Programming

Grades 4 - 10
The Conservatory Outreach department offers a Saturday morning program for middle and early high school students interested in improving their music theatre skills.  Join us and experience the exciting world of music theatre!  The Triple Threat Music Theatre  program focuses on singing, acting, and movement  for the music theatre stage so that students can improve their performance skills. Students audition on the first day of class in order to be placed in the appropriate ensemble depending on skills level. Students will participate in one of two ensembles and receive two hours class rotations including  group voice classes,  music theatre dance/movement classes and acting classes. At the end of the semester each ensemble combines their new skills in presenting a final "Informance." We call it an “Informance” because the Triple Threat program is focused on building participants’ skills and technique not just on a final performance.  We invite friends and family to attend the final “Informance” so that we can inform and share the skills and techniques we have built over the previous semester.  Come see what all the fun is about!

Training Ensemble - Saturdays, 9:00 - 11:00 am
A beginning to intermediate level ensemble that focuses on building a strong foundation in singing, movement and acting, each of the concentrations that make up a true triple threat performer. Students grow as singers, dancers and actors while building skills toward being a member of the BW Triple Threat Performing Ensemble.  The Training Ensemble performs in the “Informance” held at the end of each semester.

Performing Ensemble - Saturdays, 10:00 am - 12:00 noon
An intermediate to advanced
level, audition-only ensemble made up of students with previous music theatre performing experience and/or previous participation in BW’s Triple Threat  and/or Music Theatre Camp programs. Performing ensemble instruction enhances participants’ skills in singing, dancing and acting with a focus on the integration of the three skill areas. The Performing Ensemble performs in the “Informance” held at the end of each semester.

Fall 2014 Schedule

Saturdays, beginning September 20

Training Ensemble Rehearsals: 9:00 - 11:00 am

Performing Ensemble Rehearsals: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Basic Class Schedule:

  • Rotation 1: Acting

  • Rotation 2: Voice

  • Rotation 3: Dance/movement

  • Rotation 4: Combined groups

Students are required to bring their own sheet music to the first session in order to be placed into groups that are both age and skill appropriate. These classes have been very popular and are filling quickly so please register soon!

To register call the office at:  440-826-2365 or use the online form below.

Location: Kleist Center for Art and Drama, Room 115

                95 E. Bagley Rd

Cost: $200 for 10 classes, a $15 materials plus a $15 registration fee. 

Online Registration Form

You must read the Conservatory Outreach Policies prior to registering.  You will be contacted within two business days to process your credit card.


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