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Advanced Music Theory

Beginning in the Fall of 2014...

Advanced Music Theory

Judy Crandall, instructor
Ages 15 and up

High school and adult students will work to achieve strong abilities to recognize, understand, and describe the basic materials and processes of music that are heard or presented in a musical score. The achievement of these goals may best be approached by initially addressing fundamental aural, analytical, and compositional skills using both listening and written exercises, as well as basic piano skills. Building on this foundation, the course will progress to include more creative tasks, such as the harmonization of a melody by selecting appropriate chords, composing a musical bass line to provide two-voice counterpoint, realizing figured-bass notation and composing original music that incorporates various elements above. High school students enrolled in Advanced Music Theory will be qualified to take the high school A.P. Music Theory Exam after completing the full-year course. The goal of this class is for all students to gain a deeper understanding of advanced theory concepts.

All high school students are will enroll for the entire year. The policy for this class requires payment for Fall sessions is due before the start date. The remaining tuition fees for spring sessions must be paid by the end of Fall semester. Due to limited space available in the class any high school student that leaves after fall semester will still be responsible for the spring tuition fees.


Materials: Textbook will be provided by BW and must be returned at the end of the program.  Students will need to purchase a workbook.

Cost: $200 per semester, (high school students are required to register for both Fall and Spring 12- week semesters), $15 registration fee, plus the cost of a workbook.

Call the Conservatory Outreach office to be added to the interest list for fall 2014; 440-826-2365, or register below

Advanced Music Theory Fall 2014 Interest List


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