Conservatory of Music

From Bach to Broadway

Art Song Festival


Executive Committee

Chair – Frances F. Goins
Vice Chair – Helene S. Love
Secretary – Deborah L. Neale
Treasurer – Bonnie M. Baker
Artistic Director – George S. Vassos
Executive Director - Joanne Uniatowski

Governing Council 

 Max Bunker
Elizabeth U. Chesko
Ray W. Clarke
Norma Codispoti
Shirley B. Dawson
Barbara R. Green
Henry H. Hawley
O-Sim Nam Kim
Carmina Mares
Antoinette S. Miller
Cynthia O’Connell
Karen Peeler
Costa Petridis
Lois Rose
Janice Schrag
Dean F. Slejko
David Wittmer

Marc Weagraff

 Honorary Artistic Council

Elly Ameling
Arleen Auger*
Dalton Baldwin
Marilyn Horne

Past Chairperson 

Enid Politzer 1985-1993
Lloyd Max Bunker 1993-1998
Ray W. Clarke 1998-2003
Henry H. Hawley 2003-2011

*Deceased: Arleen Auger Memorial Fund, Inc.

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