Music Composition

Music Composition

Conservatory of Music
Music Composition
Clint Needham, Composer in Residence
Kulas Musical Arts Building

Each year, student composers and choreographers collaborate to create an original Fy-oo-zhen (pronounced "fusion") piece which is performed during the spring dance concert.

Music Composition

The composition program at the Conservatory of Music is designed to allow students the opportunity to explore and discover their creative voice.


While the composition program is designed around the study and creation of 21st century art music, the department does not adhere to any particular compositional style or trend.  Our renowned performance program ensures that BW student and faculty musicians routinely present high-quality performances of our composer’s works. With six concerts devoted to student compositions, four Fy-oo-zhen dance/composer concerts, Prism Showcase, orchestra/wind ensemble readings, and a host of additional performance opportunities, our composers hear their works performed on a regular basis throughout the academic year.


BW student composers are often recognized with national and international awards and gain acceptance to leading music festivals and graduate schools around the world. At Baldwin Wallace University, we are confident that the excellent education and real-world experiences you receive here will prepare you for any composition career you choose.




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