Conservatory of Music

From Bach to Broadway
Music History & Literature and Music Composition
Beth Hiser
Department Chair
Kulas Musical Arts Building

Music History & Literature and Music Composition Majors

Baldwin Wallace University offers a Bachelor of Music in Music Theory and a Bachelor of Music in Music History.  Many of our alumni are accepted to prestigious graduate programs and are awarded teaching assistantships.

All music majors at BW take at least 11 courses in Music Theory and History and often perform very well on graduate school placement exams.

Through our varied course offerings, the Music Theory and History faculty seek to create a deeper understanding of how and why music can so powerfully connect with a listener; to establish the historical and stylistic context in which students hear, understand, and appreciate the music they perform; and to provide the reading and hearing skills needed by competent and competitive professional musicians.

Music Theory and Music History Majors
During their senior year students complete three projects to help prepare them for graduate school: a research paper, a presentation, and a practicum.  The research paper is a two-semester project in which each student works one-on-one with a faculty advisor.  The culmination of this project includes a conference-style presentation of the work and a defense with a faculty committee.  The practicum offers students a chance to work with Conservatory professors and students as research or teaching assistants.

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