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The Baldwin Wallace University Conservatory of Music offers a Bachelor of Music degree, a Bachelor of Music Education degree, a Bachelor of Arts degree in music, and music minors.  The Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Music Education degree programs offer the highest possible level of musical and academic integrity available to an undergraduate student.   All students must audition and be accepted for applied study on a primary instrument, regardless of the major they choose.  The Conservatory enjoys accreditation by National Association of Schools of Music; our NASM accreditation was recently renewed for the maximum ten years.

Bachelor of Music (BM) Degrees:

Several majors are available within the Bachelor of Music degree to help you prepare for the career emphasis of your choice:

Bachelor of Music Education (BME) Degree:

The Bachelor of Music Education major embraces a comprehensive yet practical curriculum of both choral and instrumental instruction to prepare you for licensure in music for grades pre-kindergarten - 12.  In addition to training in educational theory, you study privately with an applied faculty member in your vocal or instrumental concentration, participate in ensembles and present an abbreviated senior recital. 

BW also offers a five-year program that would enable you to earn both the B.M. degree in performance and the B.M.E. degree. 

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Music Degree:

If you have a strong interest in music but do not wish to pursue a performing, therapy, or teaching career, you may elect a Bachelor of Arts program.  This degree includes private lessons, ensemble participation and other classes in music.  A conservatory application and audition are required.  Students who choose this major often plan to earn a second major in a non-music area or to participate in the Arts Management Program.  This major is designed for students who wish to pursue music study within a full liberal arts curriculum.

Music Minors

The Conservatory offers two music minor programs available to BW students who wish to continue their music study but do not want to major in music.  The Music Minor includes courses in music theory, solfege, primary instrument, and music history and literature and participation in an ensemble.  The Music Minor with Emphasis in Arts Management is designed for students pursuing the Arts Management Program and includes courses in music history and literature, primary instrument, and electives and participation in an ensemble.  Students completing either music minor are encouraged to consult with their advisor and propose alternative course selections to meet their individual educational goals. 

Special Programs

Conservatory students may also choose to add participation in the Jazz Emphasis program to enhance your music degree and experience.  Another non-Conservatory program of special interest to music majors and minors is the Arts Management Program.  This additional credential may be added by any BW students pursuing an arts major or minor and business major or minor.





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