Computer Information Systems

Mathematics & Computer Science Department
Mathematics and Computer Science Building
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Careers in Computer Information Systems

  • Database administrator
  • LAN administrator
  • Network analyst
  • Project manager
  • Systems analyst
From programming to project management and from software to systems design, computer information systems is a dynamic field that is career relevant and communications-focused.


Two tracks offer specialized career preparation.  The Information Systems Analyst concentration focuses on systems analysis and design, project management, and database design.  The Network Analyst concentration prepares students to design, implement, troubleshoot, and administer computer networks.


Learning is dynamic when theory melds with hands-on application. You'll focus on mechanics as well as managerial practices of projects as you utilize creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills to write computer programs, develop software solutions, and design and administer databases and networks.


Internships, field experiences, independent study projects and student organizations offer real-world learning and resume-enhancing opportunities.


We offer you the option of earning a bachelor's degree or following a 3/2 program.  The 3/2 program allows you to accelerate your studies and earn both a bachelor's and an M.B.A. degree in five years.

Field for the future

With technology rapidly changing, graduates with computer-related majors are increasingly in demand. 

Offered as a major and a minor.

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