Student Spotlights

Benjamin Brown '15, has impressive research experience in three BW labs in preparation for a dual M.D./Ph.D graduate program.

Student Success

2012-2013 Chemistry Award Recipients

Benjamin Brown, Chemistry Department Memorial Scholarship
Michael Brennan, Chemistry Department Memorial Scholarship
James Dobscha, The Lubrizol Foundation Chemistry Scholarship Award
Aaron Hawke, The Harry & Louise Keifer Chemistry Scholarship Award
Bradley Minrovic, The Dr. Sardari L. & Sunita Arora Scholarship
Michelle Helsel, Chemistry Department Outstanding Senior Award
Henry Hammond, The CRC Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award
Kyle Schifano, The CRC Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award
Alanna Grafius, The CRC Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award
Emily Tallmadge, The CRC Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award
Regina DiScipio, The Division of Analytical Chemistry Award
Anisa Cobaj, The American Institute of Chemists Award
Melissa Hoffbauer, The POLYED Organic Chemistry Award
Taylor Shreve, The ACS Division of Organic Chemistry Award
James Dobscha, The ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry Award

2013 Graduates

The Chemistry Department graduated thirteen students with a B.S. degree in chemistry in 2013.  One of our chemistry graduates is continuing her education in the field of medicine at University of Buffalo, Three of our graduates are continuing their chemistry education in graduate schools, CWRU and OSU.  Nine of our graduates are working with local companies (PPG, Athersys, Columbia Chemical and Saint-Gobain Proppants) in their chemical laboratories and research and development areas. 

Internship Opportunities

Summer internships are available in local industries and research labs. Research internships at institutions across the country are available as well.

This summer, students are participating in internships at Colorado State University, University of Akron, Purdue University, Cleveland Clinic and PPG.   We are also fortunate to have a student receive a Chester's Scholar Fellowship at  Metropolitan Hospital in Cleveland.  Several students will participate in the Baldwin Wallace Summer Scholar's Research Program and Gund Fellowship under the mentorship of Dr. Shively.

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