Faculty and Staff


Dr. Diana Barko

Dr. Diana Barko, Associate Professor

Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University

Office Location: Telfer Hall #220


Baldwin Wallace University Chemistry Dr. Jim McCargar


Dr. Jim McCargar, Associate Dean & Professor

Ph.D., Kent State University

Office Location: Telfer Hall #216

Dr. Lisa Ponton

Dr. Lisa Ponton, Associate Professor
Ph.D. Iowa State University
Office Location: Wilker Hall #344A

Dr. Raymond Shively

Dr. Raymond Shively, Professor & Chair

Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University 

Office Location: Telfer Hall #334 

Dr. Stephen Tytko

Dr. Stephen Tytko, Associate Professor

Ph.D., Northwestern University

Office Location: Telfer Hall, #218


Ms. Sarah Binkley, Assistant Professor

Ph.D (ABD) University of Akron

Office Location: Wilker Hall, #344B


Dr. David Binkley, Lecturer

Mr. Steve Kosztya, Lecturer





  (photo not available)


Ms. Jackie Yavornitzky,
Administrative Specialist
Department Office Manager
Office Location: Telfer Hall #119


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