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On November 16-17th 2007 film majors Daniel Spilatro and Alex Sherman attended The Colony Film Festival in Marietta, Ohio.  They were invited to show their film "Bunny Man" as part of the film festival.  "Bunny Man" is a film that starts as a special news segment,  interrupts regularly scheduled programming to report on a short film which has caused riots to break out on a college campus.  After showing the short film, the film maker and a Senator are given the opportunity to talk to each other.   The Colony Film Festival is a 48-hour film festival of students and amateur filmmakers that  showcases independent films from all over the country.



January 14-25, 2009 BW film student Daniel Spilatro was in Park City, Utah home of the Sundance Film Festival.  During that time he took part in the Real Ideas Studio: Slamdance Student Filmmaking Competition.  Where Dan and around 30 other students from around the world were placed in teams of 4 and had to make a 5 minute documentary over the duration of the festival.  The films were shown at the end of the week, in the Slamdance Film Festival.  The Slamdance Film Festival is a smaller festival that takes place in Park City at the same time as the Sundance Film Festival and has been the starting place for many famous filmmakers like Christopher Nolan (The Dark Night) and Marc Forster (Monster's Ball). 

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