Film Studies

Communication Arts & Sciences
Kleist Center for Art & Drama
(440) 826-2278

Career Opportunities

  • Creative director
  • Film director/producer
  • Publicist
  • Electronic creative media specialist
  • Media film critic
  • Screen writer
  • Videographer

Film Studies Major

Film studies is a dynamic program where art and entertainment interface with drama and documentary in creating a communication medium where high-tech imagery can meld with real-world commentary.


Beyond theory, our program offers hands-on, portfolio-building coursework in audio, lighting, screenwriting, computer imaging, photography and more.  You'll explore the relationship between film as an expressive art and its interaction with culture.  In addition, you'll cultivate multi-media creation abilities while honing media literacy and critical thinking skills.


WBWC, the number two most listened to radio station online in Ohio, offers professional and practical work experiences.  In addition, Buzz TV, a student-directed program airing on local cable TV, offers opportunities for video production and television broadcasting.


With Cleveland nearby, there are a variety of internship options.  On a national level, you can explore opportunities with network, cable and other media to gain valuable work experience and networking contacts.

Offered as a major and minor.

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