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MBA in Sustainability

The broad concept of sustainability has become a preeminent concern in the 21st century. The growth of human society threatens the future health and well-being of the human race and the natural world in which we live.

Businesses are embracing the challenge of sustainability to develop innovative solutions that better the environment, improve public health and increase profits. The concepts of sustainability have been incorporated in product design and manufacture, supply-chain relationships, marketing, customer relationships and operational efficiencies, such as reducing energy consumption, water use and waste production.

The MBA in Sustainability (SMBA) focuses on four key components to prepare students for the challenge of successfully implementing sustainable practices in the business world:

  1. Systems thinking: Students will study how past human failures can be reversed and converted into more successful relationships that sustain business organizations, human societies and ecological systems.
  2. Focus on a triple bottom line: This concept is characterized as the 3 P's: "people, planet and profits," or the 3 E's, "economy, equity and environment." The future success of organizations will be measured by long-term profitability, an organization's relationship to society and its interaction with the natural environment.
  3. Conventional MBA program: Students will take BW's Core MBA classes, including accounting, strategy finance, management and marketing, as well as courses important to sustainable business.
  4. Experiential learning: Students will "learn from doing" by interacting with business practitioners, visits to leading companies, "hands-on" problem-solving and consulting projects with organizations and project-focused capstone experiences.


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