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November/December 2011

February/March 2011

  • Health Insurance Exchanges.
  • The Emergence of "Hybrid" Health Care Systems.
  • Can Competition improve health care delivery?
  • Accountable Care Organizations:  Lessons from California and overseas.
  • Public-sector retirees' health and pension benefits.
  • Mental health services in Ohio.
  • Hospital Community Benefit programs

September/October 2010

  • "Hospital-onset infections"
  • "Self-interest - The good, the bad and the ugly"
  • Accountable Care Organizations (ACO):  What are they and what are the keys to their succcess?
  • Long-term care financing lessons from abroad
  • What future lies ahead for Managed Care Organizations
  • Medicare's Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB)
  • A new role for primary care physicians.
  • Ohio's pending financial crisis.
  • OneCommunity receives $44.8 million stimulus award from Department of Commerce,

April/May 2010 

  • An Analysis of the New Healthcare Law
  • The New Healthcare Law's Impact on the Major Healthcare Cost Drivers: A Report Card
  • Cost Effectiveness of Preventive Medicine and Wellness Programs
  • What Does it Take to Make Integrated Care Work?
  • The Crisis in State and Local Government Retiree Health Benefit Plans: Myths and Realities
  • Fast Facts: Ohio's $8 Billion budget hole
  • Baldwin Wallace University's New Health Care Management Major

June/July 2009

  • What is the Likelihood of �Real National Healthcare Reform?
  • What can be done to Address Lifestyle Diseases?
  • What is the best role for the Government and Private sector to play in Healthcare Reform? Should there be a Public Plan?
  • Should Employee Health Care Benefits be taxed?
  • What is the role of Clinical Effectiveness Research?
  • Mission Critical: A New Reimbursement Model for Providers of Health Care Services

January/February 2009

  • Prescription Drug Trends
  • Two Ideas to Increase Innovation and Reduce Pharmaceutical Costs and Prices
  • Health Insurance Coverage and Reimbursement DecisionsFacing the Challenge of Unhealthy Weight
  • CMS Releases New Five Star Quality Rating System for Long-term Care Facilities
  • Approaches to Covering the Uninsured 
  • Ohio Hospitals will be Required to Report Infection Information to Consumers

September/October 2008

  • Approaches to Covering the Uninsured 
  • What are the real drivers of health care costs?
  • Can pay-for-performance be linked to measures that have true economic and clinical value?
  • Telemedicine: What obstacles prevent its expansion?
  • Obama's and McCain health care platforms: What are their fundamental differences?
  • The role of health insurance in China
  • Medical tourism: separating fact from fiction

May/June 2008

  • Cost-effective Medical Treatment: Putting an Updated Dollar Value on Human Life
  • Do Consumer-driven Health Plans (CDHPs) Help Reduce Costs?
  • Tracking the Care of Patients with Severe Chronic Illness
  • Taking Stock of Wellness
  • Employment-Based Health Benefits Under Universal Coverage
  • Descriptions of Health Care Systems: Denmark, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden, and The United Kingdom
  • Shepherding Major Health System Reforms:  A Conversation with German Health Minister Ulla Schmidt
  • State Rankings of Child Well-being

 January/February 2008

  • The Long-Term Outlook for Medicare and Medicare Healthcare Spending
  • Toward a Rational, Value-Based Drug Benefit for Medicare
  • Gauging the Progress of the National Health Information Technology Initiative: Perspectives from the Field
  • America's Health Crisis: Is Consumer Driven Health Care an Enabler or Antidote?
  • The Mental Health Divide: Mending the Split between Mind and Body
  • Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Minnesota Designs a "Blue Print" for the Future
  • A Critical Analysis of Clinton's, Obama's and McCain's Healthcare Reform Proposals
  • National Health Insurance Lessons from Abroad

 October/November 2007

  • Creating Payment Systems to Accelerate Value-Driven Health Care: Issues and Options for Policy Reform
  • Fourth of a Series of Articles on Hospital-based Infections
    • 1. Pressure is on Hospitals to Stamp out Bacterial Bugs
    • 2. Putting Superbugs on the Defensive
  • Recommendations Relating to Disease Management Programs
  • United HealthCare Pilots an Innovative Approach to Incent Members to get Healthy
  • An Innovative Approach to Health Care Reform
  • Ohio Seeks Way to Balance Care, Costs
  • Health Care Costs and Access Challenges Persist: Initial Findings from the Center for Studying Health System Change's 2007 Site Visits (Which included Cleveland, Ohio)

 July/August 2007

  • Total Medical Costs for Families Increase Eight Percent in 2007
  • Research on Comparative Effectiveness of Medical Treatment: Options for an Expanded Federal Role
  • BCBSA Supports Creation of a Private Institute Focused on Clinical Effectiveness
  • Reflections on Science, Judgment and Value in Evidence-Based Medicine Decision Making
  • Employers Look for Ways to Put More Muscle into their Wellness Programs
  • Employer to Fine Unhealthy Workers
  • Hospitals Asked to Account for Errors on Their Watch 

 April/May 2007

  • Focus on Value
  • Health Care Spending to Double by 2016
  • Health Care Price Transparency and Price Competition
  • High-Performance Health Plan Networks: Early Experiences
  • Prescription Drug Spending Growth Rate is Expected to Increase in 2008 and 2009
  • Health Insurers Expand Palliative Services to Improve Quality of Care and Slow Expenses
  • Pediatric ICUs Make Headway Against Infection
  • Companies Plan to Invest More in the Health of Their Employees
  • Covering Smoking Cessation as a Health Benefit
  • Governor Strickland Expands PASSPORT Program
  • Bioscience and Northeast Ohio

January/February 2007

  • Four Reports Predict Wide Range of Health Benefit Cost Increases for 2007
  • The New Role for Managed Care Organizations
  • President Bush's Healthcare Proposal
  • Value-Based Insurance Design
  • Mandatory Reporting of Infection Rates at Hospitals
  • Universal Health Insurance and the States

October 2006

  • Current Trends in Healthcare Insurance Premiums and Costs
  • Bush Orders Transparency on Healthcare Costs and Quality
  • Financial Incentives Alone not Enough to Curb Healthcare Costs
  • Wellness Winners Share Their Success Strategies
  • Institute of Medicine States that Medicare Should use �Pay for Performance� to Improve Quality of Healthcare Services
  • Small Doctor Groups Eligible for Bonuses under Quality Measures
  • Potential 2007 Measures for the Medicare Physician Voluntary Reporting Program
  • Medicare Hospitalizations Deaths Decline as Gap Grows Between Best, Worst Hospitals
  • New Ohio Law Requires Disclosure of More Performance, Cost Information
  • What�s Really Propping up the Economy?


July 2006 

  • Review of Healthcare Costs of Individuals that are Covered by an Employer-Sponsored PPO Program
  • The Impact of Consumer Driven Health Plans on Cost Trends
  • Multi-Prong Strategy Critical to Control Health Costs
  • HHS Secretary Michael O. Leavitt Unveiled a New �Payer Power� Plan that will Lower Costs, Boost Quality
  • Medication Errors Harming Millions, Report Says
  • Gaps in Health Insurance:  An All American Problem
  • A Review of Michael E. Porter and Elizabeth O. Teisberg�s new book titled, �Redefining Health Care�
  • Massachusetts Health Care Reform Plan

 April 2006

  • U.S. Healthcare Spending to double by 2015
  • Consumer Choice:  Can it Cure the Nation's Healthcare ills?
  • Does the Search for Quality Result in only Better Outcomes,or Does it Result in Lower Healthcare Costs, too?
  • Trends Related to Access to Healthcare Services

 January 2006

  • If Current Trends Continue Health Benefits will Replace Retirement Costs as the Largest Sector of Benefit Costs - What are the Long-term implications of Such a Trend? 
  • Can Proactive Strategies Significantly Impact the Costly Side Effects of Diabetes and Improve the Quality of Life of the Diabetic?
  • Should there be a Federal Panel Overseeing the Creation of a National Quality System?
  • Is Long-term Care Insurance a good Investment?
  • Should there be limits on the tax-exemption of Healthcare Benefits?
  • Two Healthcare Reform Proposals
  • International Comparisons

October 2005

  • Premium Growth Slows, but Employers Still Continue to Drop Health Insurance
  • What are Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)?
  • Good Healthcare Pays off!  The Fundamentals of Health Promotion Incentives 
  • Healthcare Reform, Less talk more Action!

 July 2005

  • Safety Gap Widens Between Best and Worst Hospitals - Study Says
  • Wellness Programs are Gaining Momentum
  • How Many Adults are Underinsured?

 April 2005

  • Diabetes Health Costs, Economic Costs
  • Physician Involvement Crucial in Disease Management Plans
  • Employers Efforts to Control Rising Drug Costs
  • Consumer Organization Wants Reports on Hospital Quality

January 2005

  • Hospital Quality
  • Nursing Home Quality
  • Pay for Performance


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