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The Center for Innovation & Growth Team

Lacey Kogelnik
Interim Director and Growth Practice Director,  Center for Innovation & Growth
Lacey is a higher education professional experienced in academic leadership, student and staff development, teaching, mentoring and coaching at leading colleges and universities in NE Ohio. At CIG, she provides students of all majors with the opportunity to learn - and practice - skills in creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship built upon a foundation of personal values and integrity. Lacey oversees the Center and also manages the CIG Growth Practice - identifying, coordinating, and completing Growth Projects - while developing and leading the student consultants supporting these projects. She also is adjunct faculty in the Division of Business Administration and teaches the CIG Student Fellows colloquium.

Dr. Alan Kolp -
Co-founder, Center for Innovation & Growth
Professor of Religion, Baldwin Wallace Chair in Faith & Life
Alan teaches the CIG Student Athlete Fellows colloquium and provides leadership on the global aspects of business and human interaction. He earned degrees from Guilford College, Harvard Divinity School and a Ph.D. from Harvard University. Alan co-authored Igniting Innovation with Integrity with CIG co-founder Peter Rea and Pierre Everaert and Integrity Is a Growth Market with Peter Rea. He is in demand as a speaker, retreat leader, and along with Peter, a consultant for businesses, nonprofit organizations and a variety of faith communities. During 2007-2008, Alan and Peter led seminars in Russia, China, Lithuania, Brazil, England, India and the United States.

Dan Foust - 
Program Manager, Center for Innovation & Growth
Dan is responsible for planning CIG Network Programs, as well as business development, marketing, and Growth Practice support.  He has 20 years of experience in marketing and event planning.

Mike Nock - 
Director, Blackstone LaunchPad

Mike is charged with implementing the innovative and time-tested Blackstone LaunchPad initiative at BW. He is an entrepreneur with a demonstrated interest and commitment to education. 

Jen Chandler -
Program Assistant, Blackstone LaunchPad
Jen advises aspiring entrepreneurs, small business owners and nonprofit founders, and has more than 15 years business experience in marketing, oommunications and event planning.

Kim Chapple - 
Office Manager & Coordinator, Center for Innovation & Growth
Kim provides administrative and communications support to the CIG team and is an experienced writer, editor, sales consultant and office manager.

Dr. Lori Long -
CIG Faculty Fellow & Professor of Human Resources and General Management
Lori teaches the CIG Student Fellows colloquium and also provides leadership to include entrepreneurship into a core class entitled Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Dr. Thomas Sutton -
CIG Faculty Fellow & Professor of Political Science
Co-Director of Community Research Institute
Thomas leads the CIG Faculty Fellows entrepreneurship curriculum initiative and teaches the CIG Student Fellows colloquium.

Dr. Ven Ochaya -
Director, MBA in Entrepreneurship
George Herzog Chair in Free Enterprise
CIG Faculty Fellow
Ven directs Baldwin Wallace University's MBA in Entrepreneurship program.  Ven holds a Ph.D. in chemistry in addition to an MBA.  He has 17 years experience as a global leader of research and development.  He teaches the CIG Student Fellows colloquium.


CIG Faculty Fellows

An interdisciplinary team of faculty fellows representing the Humanities, Sciences, Social Sciences, and Professional programs provide leadership to "infuse entrepreneurship campus-wide."  The interdisciplinary nature of our Faculty Fellows results in half the students enrolled in the introduction to entrepreneurship course coming from fields other than business.  Our student fellows hold different majors in various BW's liberal arts and professional programs. Learn more about our Faculty Fellows.  

CIG Growth Team Members

Our CIG Growth Team Members are experienced, successful innovators and entrepreneurs.  They lend their expertise to CIG through our growth consulting projects as well as by serving as faculty and facilitators in the CIG Network, Kamm workshops, and for undergrad and MBA courses.

Pierre Everaert: Pierre is the former Chairman of InBev's Board and CEO of five multinational corporations including Phillips. He can speak a dozen languages and has launched numerous small international ventures.  Pierre has been instrumental in making the vision for CIG a reality.

Brian Powers: Brian is a successful, serial entrepreneur, and is currently Managing Director of League Park Advisors, which is a boutique investment bank serving middle market companies.  He has deep experience working with mid-size growth companies in developing growth strategies. Brian is an advisor to CIG growth consulting projects and is an adjunct professor at BW.




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