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Comments from Alums and Corporate Leaders

"Beyond the lifelong friendships with professors and classmates, Baldwin Wallace's EMBA program solidified a lifelong calling to serve the community, a personal motivation to passionately lead others, and a desire to strive for excellence personally and professionally. I am also armed with a competitive advantage as a result of the capstone project. Now the slogan that once intrigued me  Practical, Principled, Powerful inspires how I live, lead and relate to others."

From "
 An EMBA Graduates Perspective"
Heather Scaglione, Class of '05
Executive, MBA


"My experience at Baldwin Wallace has been nothing short of fabulous.  It has been refreshing to ind the whole network of alumni, trustees and faculty so accessible and such a great resource for students to tap into...Unequivocally, the Baldwin Wallace experience is very competitive with that of other institutions, including Ivy League schools."

John Zak, Class of '05
Entrepreneurship MBA
B.S., Wittenberg University: D.M.D., University of Pennsylvania; M.D., Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

"Throughout my BW experience, classroom teaching was linked to the real world of day-to-day business." 

Monica Mancini, Class of '03
Accounting MBA
Tax Accountant, Deloitte & Touche, LLP

"The quality of life in our region has always, and will always, depend on active civic involvement in issues such as economic development.  The Cleveland Foundation has funded programs created by Baldwin Wallace for decades, such as the business Division's partnership with the President's Council, an organization of minority CEOs.  Baldwin Wallace is the educational partner of the President's Council and the Cleveland Foundation due to its expertise in creating a program for emerging minority entrepreneurs.  This program helps existing companies grow their business's to promote economic development within Cleveland's minority community."

Steven A. Minter, Class of '60
Former President and Executive Director, Cleveland Foundation

"Baldwin Wallace business programs are relevant and responsive to the needs of the corporate community.  Corporate leaders meet with students on a regular basis and are also on Baldwin Wallace's faculty.  Students have the opportunity to meet corporate leaders at a personal level rather than just seeing them standing behind a podium.  Baldwin Wallace also works with the corporate community to continually reform existing programs and to create new programs,  Baldwin Wallace puts students in touch with the business and ethical issues they will face in their careers so that students are well prepared to contribute to their employer and community."

David Hoag
Former Chairman, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland and Baldwin Wallace Advisory Council

"Baldwin Wallace provides students with an unusual learning environment where each individual matters.  Student concerns and aspirations are taken seriously by a gifted and dedicated faculty.  The values of a liberal arts education of a small school are integrated into the breadth of business programs of a large school.  This blend of close professor-student relationships and breadth of business programs provides students with a unique educational experience."

William B. Summers, Jr., Class of '72
Chairman, McDonald Investments Inc, and Member, Baldwin Wallace Board of Trustees



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