MBA Association

If you are a current BW MBA candidate, an MBA alumnus, or a faculty or staff member that supports the MBA program, then you are a current member of the MBA Association. Join us as we network with each other to help each other grow.

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The value of a Baldwin Wallace MBA includes not only the quality education and the accredited diploma, but also the sum total of the worth of all of our circles of influence combined to synergistically move the individual, the College, and the region forward.


Our values coincide with those of the College and remain a priority regardless of the circumstances.

  • Honesty, Integrity and Respect
  • The courage to lead and develop lifelong relationships
  • Inspire and motivate others
  • Be dedicated to Inclusiveness and diversity in all we do

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a lifelong benefit to the graduates of the various Masters of Business Programs at Baldwin Wallace University by increasing the perception, experience, affinity and value of a Baldwin Wallace MBA.

Strategic Objectives

Our organization exists to provide our graduates with the following:

An opportunity to network with professional individuals and build new relationships

The value of the BW degree is more than education; it includes relationships. With every new connection, alumni increase their circle of influence. Through educational and social events we hope to foster the formation of new relationships between our candidates, alumni, faculty, and between those connected with the college and the community.

Maintain relationships

Social and educational situations intentionally planned and organized encourage reconnections between alumni, faculty, and the BW community.

A sustainable connection and affinity to Baldwin Wallace University.

Introduce, encourage and provide opportunities to experience the comprehensive offerings of the college promoting lifelong connections with Baldwin Wallace.

Provide opportunities for Continuing Education

In conjunction with the Center for Professional Development, the Business Division, the Alumni Office, and Career Services, we hope to provide relevant and timely resources, impart knowledge and enable candidates and alumni to add social and economic value both personally and professionally.

Career Services to MBA graduates

Partner with Career Services to provide alumni with career management support and opportunities during transition.

The ability to showcase the accomplishments of our graduates

Highlight outstanding MBA graduates who have made an impact on society. Acknowledgements may include: profiles on the Association's web site, a recognition event, or alumni presentations regarding their industry or innovations.

Leverage the exceptional faculty of Baldwin Wallace

BW has retained many award-winning and industry-vetted professors; we will engage their knowledge to provide valued content at educational interactions.


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