David Brain Leadership


Student Projects

Leadership is both an art and a science.  Accordingly, leadership classes include an experiential learning component so students can develop and practice their leadership skills in the community.  See how our students have made a difference.  

  • JFSA Citizenship Project: Leadership students worked with Russian immigrants to prepare them for their citizenship exams and helped them become US citizens. Read actual student journal entries to find out more.
  • Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless Project: Leadership students researched and wrote articles about poverty and homelessness for the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless newspaper, The Grapevine. Their work was showcased in a poster session during Hunger and Homelessness Week  See Adam's story  for details on his experience.
  •  Envisioning Racial Fairness Mural Project: Leadership students worked with local artist, Katherine Chilcote, to help design and paint a mural that depicts the past, present, and future of race relations. See pictures of the mural.
  •  Ohio Free the Vote Project: Leadership students participated in "Free the Vote", a jail-based voter registration project, and registered over 700 people to vote. Read Julie's reflections about the project.
  • YMCA Teen Court Leadership Training Project: Leadership students designed and presented a leadership training session for teens who had committed misdemeanors as part of a diversion program.
  • Leadership Cleveland School Funding Project: Leadership students served as research assistants for Leadership Cleveland's school funding focus project.  Student created an advocacy map that detailed the organizations and agencies working on this issue, their positions, and their recent activities. 



Here's what students say:

"This course has made me more aware of the difference I can make in society. It has made me think more broadly about the issues."

"Made me think more in terms of what I can do for society and how society affects me."

"The study of education as well as legal issues gave me a better perspective of the problems that we, as a society, face. It got me started thinking about solutions."

"I think it makes you think harder and examine your beliefs about how leaders act, or should act, and the purpose of leadership."

"This course has challenged my views and forced me to think outside the box. Before I was just accepting societal norms but now I have formed my own opinion."

"This course has made me want to further develop myself as a person and think about helping society."

"This course has taught me that I cannot let society slip. I can make a difference and will."

"Makes me want to become a more contributing member of society by being more understanding and finding the underlying reasons for problems in society."

"By keeping the issues fresh it makes me want to be part of the greater good. It would be very hard now to know what I know and ignore it."

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