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Pre-Dentistry Program

The strength of a liberal arts-based core curriculum with advanced research opportunities and specialized coursework make Baldwin Wallace University an outstanding place to prepare for a career in dentistry.

BW's liberal arts core helps students master the skills of communication, critical thinking and problem solving necessary to succeed in a constantly changing health care environment. Advanced coursework, internships and research opportunities build the skills and knowledge necessary for graduate and professional education.

What Do Dentists Do?
Esthetics balances science. Dentistry combines art with patient care. Modern Dentistry is much more than filling teeth. Current patient management involves esthetic enhancement, implant technologies, or even surgical facial reconstruction. Clinical and laboratory research is also an important part of this profession.

Program Description:
Students at Baldwin Wallace University may pursue a career in dentistry by acquiring a broad-based education involving many areas of interest. Students applying to dental school following graduation from Baldwin Wallace have a varied background in coursework, providing depth of vision for the profession. Students major in any area, and complete the following courses:

  • One Year of General Biology
  • One Year of General Chemistry
  • One Year of General Physics
  • One Year of Organic Chemistry
  • One Year of English
  • Microbiology
  • Gross Anatomy
  • Biochemistry

    In addition, the following courses are recommended:

  • Calculus I
  • Introductory Psychology
  • Human Physiology

For further information, contact Joseph P. Yavornitzky, D.D.S. at (440) 826-3539.

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